Staff style Concept

Talents are strategic resources for harmonious and sustainable development of enterprises. The company always adheres to the talent concept of "people-oriented, people make the best of their talents and talents", and actively provides a stage for all kinds of talents to display their talents.

The company resolutely implements the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, and always takes the cultivation of "management talents, professional and technical talents and technicians" as the key work of human resources development. Over the years, the company has cultivated an excellent team with reasonable structure, high quality and excellent style, which has laid a talent foundation for the development of the company and greatly improved the core competitiveness of the enterprise.


Talent standard
All employees who study hard, are honest and self disciplined, do a good job and are willing to help others are the talents most needed by the enterprise.


Employment concept
1. Have both ability and political integrity, and take morality first
2. Competition for posts, survival of the fittest
3. Develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and employ people's strengths
4. Build a platform and achieve a career


Professional standards
Compare professional skills and ethics with people in the same industry and position.


Employment mechanism
Open talent introduction mechanism:
The company has established an open "big talent view", always thirsty for talents, and tries every means to recruit talents regardless of region and style, so as to attract all kinds of excellent talents with advanced technology and advanced management concept to join the company and seek common development.
Scientific talent training mechanism:
Since the beginning of employment, according to the specific situation of each employee, we have helped employees customize their own career planning, carried out targeted training and development, and cultivated three talent teams of "administration, engineering technology and technicians".
Strict talent selection mechanism:
The company always adheres to the horse racing mechanism of "competition for posts and survival of the fittest", so that excellent talents can stand out in the selection. The factory director and other management cadres shall be recruited through open competition, and excellent management talents shall be selected through theoretical examination, practical test, performance evaluation, understanding of personality and management level; Technicians, engineers and other technical posts employ excellent talents with good technology to corresponding posts through internal evaluation and employment, so as to give full play to their value.
Reasonable talent incentive mechanism:
In order to help all kinds of talents grow rapidly, the company has formulated a reasonable "incentive and restraint mechanism", so that work depends on performance and there are standards for reward and punishment, so that each employee can continuously tap their own potential, maintain their work passion and make continuous progress.